Lee Priest Ultimate Recovery Sports Spray - 90mL

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Highly concentrated pure Magnesium (185mg/g) infused with natural Cucumber to assist in the relief of muscle aches and painsmuscle crampssoreness and sleep.

Magnesium is an essential mineral and crucial for a healthy body. It helps accelerate muscle recovery, reduces soreness and cramping.

Our environmentally conscious pure Magnesium is reclaimed from discarded natural resources in Western Australia. This is then combined with cucumber extract from our purpose bred cucumbers, high in citric acid to aid dermal penetration.

Abundant Natural Health is passionate about innovation in all natural, therapeutic healthcare. Fusing active extracts from Australian botanicals with pure organic minerals. Abundant vouches for the quality, purity and effectiveness of its all-natural formulations.

Intense exercise, modern living and stress deplete Magnesium stores, so we need to replenish.

Our highly concentrated Magnesium penetrates the skin quickly, delivering fast relief where it’s most needed, energising and hydrating along the way.


FOR OSTEOARTHRITIS: Apply generously to painful joints.

FOR MUSCLE ACHES AND CRAMPS: Apply generously to affected muscles.

Use as often as required. Massage until thoroughly absorbed.