Our Salt

Reclaimed from Western Australian brines

Cucumber Extract

Repairs and nourishes your skin


Formulated to relieve mild psoriasis

Olive Oil

Helps to soften the skin

Aloe vera

Moisturises and hydrates the skin


Natural ingredients. Australian owned, grown and made

Why Ocean Soothe?

We have found from our research into the mechanisms of psoriasis that it is the secondary flare-up that causes the inflammation and bacterial growth in psoriasis that needs to be managed and controlled.

To do this we combine natural salts to sanitise the inflamed skin and bring instant relief from the itching. For some people this highly concentrated salt can sting, however its anti-bacterial properties act to prevent and reduce bacterial growth. Once the itch subsides the epidermal barrier is no longer disrupted through scratching, allowing the skin to heal. In addition, magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties which control the local inflammation, preventing the occurrence of flare-ups. In brief, you stop the battle of two fronts by controlling the flare-up and treating the cause.

We don't cure psoriasis but our products have proven effective in managing the pain and itch associated with flare-ups, optimising skin repair.

Application of Ocean Soothe

Ocean Soothe Psoriasis Relief Gel

Our Ocean Soothe Gel is our most aggressive psoriasis product. We generally recommend it be used on the body, legs and arms during the day. For optimal results use in conjunction with Ocean Soothe Psoriasis

Psoriasis Support

If you need any support in your fight against psoriasis please contact one of the following organisations:

Overcoming psoriasis

National Psoriasis Foundation

Beyond Blue

Life Line

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