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Our Salt

Reclaimed from Western Australian brines

Cucumber Extract

Repairs and nourishes your skin


Formulated to relieve mild psoriasis

Olive Oil

Helps to soften the skin

Aloe vera

Moisturises and hydrates the skin


Natural ingredients. Australian owned, grown and made

Relief of symptoms of mild Psoriasis

With 160% higher concentration of salts than the Dead Sea our natural Ocean Soothe Gel calms inflammation, halts bacterial growth and hydrates the skin.

It's not all about the Salt

We have combined minerally enriched seawater and cucumber extract with Aloe vera and Olive oil. Cucumber extract gently exfoliates dead skincells, whilst the Olive oil and Aloe vera hydrate and soften your skin.

Who is Abundant Health Ocean Soothe Gel and Lotion for?

Ocean Soothe is specifically formulated using natural ingredients for anyone with mild psoriasis and itchy, dry, irritated skin conditions. 

For maximum results we recommend combining Ocean Soothe gel for day and Ocean Soothe Lotion for night.

"Better the devil you know than the devil you don't."

In 2020, having a chronic disease is not just an internal battle, but an fight against an external unknown. One member of our ANH Family has Multiple Sclerosis, and has self-isolated for 14 days. In this blog she opens up about how she deals with day to day life in isolation in the hope of reaching others in the same position.